Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Bouquet of Airplanes

When I moved into a new office a year ago....

No. Let me back up.

My husband and I married 6 years ago and moved into an old mill house in North Carolina. We were surrounded by fake wood paneling and I knew I needed some creative ways to decorate and brighten up our home. With vibrant colors and a plethora of white accessories I have turned our wooden cave into a cozy and colorful place ... yet I still see brown paneling everywhere I look.

Prior to being married, I lived in apartments that I cherished as a canvas for my creativity. Gold stairs. Pastel bedroom. Deep blue and bright yellow kitchen walls. A gorgeous gray-purple living room. I loved color.

We've moved a few times and our current mill house has two rooms with white walls. I could paint. However, the rest of the house is still brown and I appreciate the white contrast as a soothing element in the otherwise dark house.

I moved into a new office last September and when my boss asked "What color would you like your office?"  I could have hugged her til she turned blue! I had walls!! And I could put COLOR on all of them! I chose a beautiful green that brings peace to my analytical job. It  made me feel like I was standing in the middle of a meadow breathing slow and encouraging calm! I can't tell you how good that was for my soul. COLOR! On my WALLS! I wanted to cling to them like a sucker fish!

I quickly scoured the internet for more colors, ideas, and creativity I could add to my 40 hours a week. That's when I found a fabulous blog called "Two Girls Being Crafty". I loved their scrapbook paper leaves! So I marked it in pinterest under "new office" and bought a few supplies at the local craft store.
Two Girls Being Crafty

I plunged deep into the new job and put my craftiness on a shelf thinking I'd get to it "soon". Night after night I collapsed on the couch, just happy to be home. I had no energy for projects and crafts. "Soon" turned into months. But I kept thinking about the leaves. 

In the meantime, I came across this artist and her obsession with paper airplanes. I've been mesmerized by it! While I didn't have brain power to accomplish what Sharon and Tristin had so beautifully crafted, and certainly not what Natalie created ... I did have a few brain cells left to continue thinking about how I would go about making my office a little more me.

Natalie Rose Art
Now that a full year has passed since my office was painted a very happy green, I thought I'd celebrate by FINALLY getting to that project. ... It has swirled in my mind long enough! Today, I decided to marry these two pieces together!
"Bouquet of Airplanes" by Jacqui Hofmaster
Items needed: 
Floral wire
Double sided scrapbook paper
Hot glue gun
Sample airplane to test the size

Fold, fold, and fold some more!

 With a few scraps I made leaves - hearts to glue together over the stems.

Put it all together with a dab of glue and a twist and smile! You're finished!
Hofmade "Bouquet of Airplanes"

I hope Two Girls Being Crafty and Natalie Rose Art inspire you to create something fun in your space! I can't wait to bring this simple but fun vase of airplanes to the office!

What projects are on your shelf waiting to be finished?